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Blossom Farms

Our Farm

100% Natural

We are committed to supplying the highest quality strains of medical-grade cannabis and cannabis-based products. 


At Blossom we take great pride in our Core Values; Be the Best & Work with the Best, Integrity, Respect, Inclusivity, Community & Teamwork, Results Driven Commitment.


These values work together to form the foundation of every decision we make, keeping us grounded as we continue to grow and make an impact.

Blossom Farms is so much more than a cannabis cultivator. Our state of the art facility produces the highest quality flower and an extensive range of products. We are committed to the quality of our products and we are always testing for patient safety.


Our Story

Blossom Farms

We have been operating in the farming industry for over 50 years. Blossom are creating a best-in-class cannabis company. We demand high standards, take pride in our work, and drive for results every day. We combine best practices from big agriculture, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical industries to create the top medical cannabis company in North America.

Farmer in Field
Image by Lucas van Oort
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